Canada Study Visa Process in 20 days! Complete Guide

Canada Student Visa in 20 Days        How to get Canada study visa in 20 days? Citizen of Asian countries, including China, Philippines, Vietnam, India and Pakistan got the access of SDS (Student Direct Stream). What is Student Direct Stream? SDS IS FOR ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE CURRENTLY RESIDING IN THE ABOVE […]

preparation for IELTS Listening test Section 1

Section is quite easy as compare to other 2 sections. It contains 10 questions and their format is like filling up a form. For example Section 1             Questions 1-10 Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer                                              HIRING A PUBLIC ROOM Example                The Main Hall – seats……………..200………….. Room and Cost The […]

IELTS Listening test Multiple Choice Question

As you all know that IELTS listening Test Consist of 4 Sections. Multiple choice questions can appear in section 2 or in section 3. There are 2 types of multiple choice question with three possible options and only one answer will be correct. 1 word / number questions Following are the typical examples of this […]

Canadian Immigration and Language Test IELTS CLB CELPIP and required score?

Are you planning to apply for Canadian Immigration and not sure about Language Test IELTS CLB and required score? What is IELTS CLB | CELPIP | To apply for Canadian immigration one has to demonstrate language proficiency and achieve minimum threshold set in particular Canadian immigration program like Express entry system, FSWP ( Federal Skilled […]

Book Your IELTS Date

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IELTS Online Preparation

Technology is getting advanced with every passing day and it makes this world just like a tiny dot in terms of communication.

We do provide online training courses via getting connect through different media e.g. Skype, IMO and Whats-app on one of your favorite gadget like IELTS training on Android, IELTS Training on Apple iPhone. You can upgrade yours language skills in your own comfort and get your required band in IELTS

Calculate your IELTS Score

Following tables can help you out to check your IELTS mock test result including Listening, Reading and Writing Speaking


Assessor criteria based on the following to award a band

  • Task 1 Achievement
  • Task 2 Response
  • Lingual Resources
  • Accuracy


Getting a band in Ielts Speaking is entirely depend on the following criteria

  • Fluency & Coherence
  • Pronunciation
  • Accuracy & Grammar
  • Lingual Resources


Listening & Reading
both test consist of 40 Questions each and every correct answer earns you one mark.