GT writing task 1 is known as Letter writing.
You should be aware all type letters are following
  • Personal Letter
  • Semi-formal Letter
  • Formal Letter
What is Personal Letter?
When we know that person well who we address our letter to than it is called personal letter for example if you writing to your friend or any family member then you mention that particular person’s name on it and explain why you writing them.
For example write a letter to you friend who lives in a foreign country where you planning to go for higher education and seeking his guidance to get a part time job
In your letter
  • Describe your study plan
  • Why you need a job
  • How can he help you?
What is Semi Formal Letter?
If you writing a letter to someone who works for a specific business  and your purpose of writing to inquire about that particular business than it will be called semi-formal letter.
For example
One of your friend’s is running a restaurant business and would like you to be a part of it
Write a letter replying to your friend’s proposal, in your letter
  • Explain what you know about restaurant business
  • Either accept or decline friend’s proposal
  • Give reason of your decision
What is Formal Letter?
If you writing to launch a complaint or feedback to any business where you don’t know anyone, it is known as Formal Letter
For example
On a recent holiday you lost a valuable item. Fortunately you have travel insurance  to cover the cost of anything lost.
Write a letter to the manager of your insurance company. In your letter
  • Describe the item you lost
  • Explain how you lost it
  • Tell the insurance company what you would like them to do
What is the difference between Formal & personal writing Style?
When we write to our personal we always prefer short words rather than spell all words for example if I write to my friend about arrival time at their place then I will write as follows
I’ll be at your premises by 7:00pm
If you talk about writing formal letters then we are not allowed to create any short wording we must spell each and every word correctly
For Example if I have to write same sentence mentioned above in formal writing then I have to make it look official and will write it as follows
I will be at your premises by 7:00pm
How you will construct your letter writing?
No matter what type of letter you are going to write you must follow these 6 paragraphs plan
  1. Greetings also known as Letter Opening
If you writing a personal letter than you can write HI friends (Name) or Dear Friends Name
In Formal / Semi Formal Letter you must write Dear Sir/Madam,
  1. Reason for Writing
You must write reason of your writing, for example I am writing you…… (Reason)
This will remain exactly the same in all type of letters
  1. Explain in Detail
In this paragraph you give explanation with full details, your opening sentence would be like,
“Let me explain you in more detail”
  1. Request or Suggest
Here you provide type of solution or request to addressing person and it varies from one question statement to another.If you required some kind of favor from your employer in formal/ semi- formal letter / friend in personal letter
What will you do? You must request them to do particular thing to help you out and your opening sentence say would you kindly ……… (Request)
On the other hand if you are providing your suggestion / recommendation then your sentence will be as follows
I will highly Recommend / Suggest……….. (Suggestion)
  1. Ending
No matter whoever we see in person or write at the end of it we must thank them for their time and say goodbye. In this paragraph we must choose correct sentence which relates to request/suggest mentioned above and it varies from one statement to another
For example if writing to an employer for a job posting then your ending paragraph states it would be very kind of you to consider………….
In a personal letter you may thank your friend/ family member/ addressing personFor example you are writing a letter to invite your friend at home then you ending lines will be stating it would be a great pleasure to see you……
  1. Signing Off
You need to sign off your letter by writing yours faithfully, followed by your name.