It doesn’t matter you going to appear in GT or Academic Ielts. IELTS Listening test Remain same for both of them.
IELTS Listening test duration is 40 minutes, recording will played for 30 minutes and you must write all your answer on your question booklet, at the end of the recoding you will be given extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers on the answering sheet.
 Listening Test consists of 4 sections and every section contains 10 questions.
You should know how many voices you going to hear in each section
Section 1: Two Speakers talking about Everyday life / Social Context
Section 2:  One Speaker Everyday life / Social Context
Section 3: Two or four Speakers education context
Section 4: One Speaker University Lecture
 You may find different type of question in IELTS Listening Test including the following
  • Filling up a form / table
  • Labelling a diagram
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice questions
Multiple Questions are very tricky and many candidates find it difficult to get it right. These type of questions can appear in sections, Sections three mainly consist of MCQS type
For example
Hotel accommodation fare will be
  1. 100 euros
  2. 110 euros
  3. 150 euros
As you can see in this question you got to pick 1 option and while listening to the recording speaker will go through all these options and you have to be very attentive and pick up the right answer. Speaker will empathize more on the right answer and if you focus is not there then it would be very hard to pick the right answer