Ielts reading test for both Academic and general training duration is 1 hour and consists of 3 passages. You have to answer 40 questions of following types
  • Matching Headings with paragraphs Questions
  • Matching Statements with paragraphs
  • Matching Sentence endings
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Labelling diagram/ filling table
  • True / false / not given
  • Yes / no / not given
  • Multiple Choice Question
You need to improve your reading skills to get over your required band in very first attempt. all candidates can read the passage but unable to retain the idea given in it while they looking for answers. To get over this problem you should get in the habit of reading at least 1 hour a day and to hold information as much as possible.
One of the best practice of attempting all questions types mentioned above is read out the whole passage build an understanding of it and then hit the questions but it quite hard to do so especially if you haven’t study courses in English during your academics.
Matching questions are quite tricky and to get it right you must the passage thoroughly and after reading one paragraph you go to your questions and analyse every heading and choose the most suitable heading and cross it over so it won’t distract you while attempting other headings.
All other type of question can be done with the help of keywords; it is quite rare to find exact same keyword in the passage which you picked from the question. You must think of its synonyms and remain attentive while going through the passage. By doing this you can increase your score in no time.
You should remain focused and energetic because if you lose your concentration then no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get right answers.