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There are some things which you need to do promptly including

if you keep these tips in mind then you will not get distract and will able to concentrate well.

Tips for IELTS Listening

  • Getting comfortable position on your seat
  • Adjust your head phones properly and make sure it doesn’t fall down while looking at your question booklet.
  • Check the volume if it is not according to you then raise your hand and someone come and see you to adjust it before test starts.
  • Read out the questions statement promptly and keep in mind what they asked you to do so, for example they may asked you write NO MORE THEN THREE WORD / A NUMBER do not skip question statement.
  • At beginning of every listening section they allow you look at question, make sure you read them properly and try to make rough sketch within your brain, by doing this you knew what you exactly looking to hear for your answer.
  • Do not fill answer sheet while recording is playing, you will be given 10 minutes after recording ends to transfer your answers on the answer sheet.
  • You need to make sure you that you must write any noun place or thing name starting with Capital for example IELTS in lahore must be written as IELTS in Lahore or you fill all your answers in capital letters to avoid this issue.

Tips for IELTS Reading

  • You should read out the questions statement specially while doing fill in the blanks questions and look into question statement for NO MORE THREE WORDS/OR A NUMBER  and keep in mind how many words you can write
  • If you unable to find answer then do not waste time and skip it for a while. Once you completed your test then you try to find answer forthese question.
  • Make sure you always aware of time
  • You will not get any extra time to transfer your on answering sheet so it is better to transfer them instantly.
  • Make sure you do understand the question properly before you start for its answer.
  • Try ti use block letters to fill your answer sheet

Tips for IELTS Writing

  • Try to finish both Task 1 and Task 2 within given time. Task 1  150 words within 20 minutes and task 2 250 words in 40 minutes
  • You should focus to write little bit more then require words which are 150 and 250 words respectively.
  • Do not waste your time while counting words you should try to practice on IELTS writing test sheets to get an idea what size of page will get to make it 150 words or 250 words.
  • Always keep any eye on spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Plan your writing on your question paper.
  • Do not write conclusion for writing task1 it is required for task2 only
  • Make sure you do create proper body paragraph for both tasks
  • If you need extra sheet in case you run out space to write more, you can raise your hand to ask for extra paper.
  • There is not any particular category to follow you can use either American English or British English to spell your words
  • You must plan your writing task2 which is Essay writing, it will mae your job very easy and you know what you are writing

Tips for IELTS Speaking

  • Chat with your fellow candidate while waiting for your turn English
  • Be confident and keep yourself calkm and collective
  • You are not here for job interview so just relax and be yourself.
  • You must pronounce words properly it has 25% share in your speaking test and do not just look forward for vocabulary, use pronouns for things you have said already
  • It doesn’t matter how you look on your test day you will not be judge on your clothing so you can wear any casual dress
  • You can use either American or Britain English to speak